Music for Healing, Relaxation & Massage

Music for Healing, Relaxation & Massage

This is an album of relaxing, orchestral music, specially composed to promote meditation, harmony and a feeling of calm. Featuring 12 timed, 5 minute tracks it provides the perfect accompaniment for therapies such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology or Shiatsu - helping the listener to achieve a state of calm, promoting deep relaxation.

Composed by Vaughan Jones and performed by a live orchestra, 'Music For Healing' provides a refreshing change from many other New Age or inspirational music by using real instruments. The music is expertly performed by an ensemble of English classical musicians, including a string orchestra, oboes, flutes and cor anglais. Live instruments give the album an array of sounds which inspire the listener with their freshness. The music has been written so that the individual strands of melody all vibrate with one another to allow the rich harmonies to resonate.

Music for Healing provides an ideal ambiance to help people relax and unwind in yoga classes, Spas and therapy clinics, or can simply be enjoyed within the home as an aid to promoting calm tranquility and relaxation.

Track Listing

  1. 1.   Sunrise
  2. 2.   The Eternal Tide
  3. 3.   Garden of Solace
  4. 4.   The Opening Gateway
  5. 5.   Forest Voices
  6. 6.   Inner Radiance
  1. 7.   Spirit Gently Rising
  2. 8.   Purifying Waters
  3. 9.   Celestial Chimes
  4. 10. Serenity
  5. 11. Towards Dawn
  6. 12. Sunrise (Reprise)
Music For Healing, relaxation & Massage by Vaughan Jones, Cover Art

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"This makes a pleasant change - an album full of relaxing music performed by real musicians! No new-age synth sounds here."
Amazon customer, UK.

"I have been searching for relaxing music with real instruments for ages, it makes such a difference. These tracks are also the perfect length for timing Reiki Treatments "highly recommended."
itunes customer, USA.

"During pregnancy, I used daily yoga to prepare for the birth and help my baby to settle in the right position. I found this album very relaxing and it was extremely valuable in putting me in the right frame of mind.
new mum, UK.

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